I Can Shouldn't Do it Myself!

I Can Shouldn't Do it Myself!


If you handle most of your own printing then even just thinking of using a commercial printer can bring painful thoughts of higher prices, slower turn-around, privacy concerns, logistical coordination and a lot more.  What may surprise you, is that for the majority of professional printers, those concerns are just not true. In fact, once you begin the process of deciding to use a professional printer, you’ll quickly see that there are many benefits that outweigh the negatives and make it a very smart  business decision.

By using a professional, you’ll gain the following benefits:

More Affordable Than You Think

You read that line correctly; printing with a professional printer could actually be cheaper for your business. Why? Because of scale. Not only can a commercial printer give you outrageous savings due to the volume of printing they do, you’ll also be receiving the discount of working with a printer who purchases massive amounts of paper/substrates at a very low price. Of course, there will still be times when commercial printers may cost more, but you’d be surprised at how affordable they can be when your request isn’t anything overly unique. Besides, have you seen the cost of ink jet cartridges lately?!

Better Equipment

A professional printer has more machines that can produce better products. Most businesses only have a standard printer that handles up to an 11″ x 17″ sheet of paper, leaving a lot of additional printing needs unfulfilled. By utilizing bigger sheets, professional printers can actually achieve more economy with fewer runs.

In addition to superior print equipment, professional printers have top-of-the-line bindery abilities. For a presentation that just shouldn't be cinched with a stapler, look to the professionals to keep it together, better.


Due to the size of commercial printers and the volume of documents they’re printing they know how to do it fast. If a quick turnaround is important to your printing needs, a commercial printer can get things done much faster than your office printer by almost 3 - 4 times; regardless of the size of the job.

Less Worries

You probably have more than one thing on your plate... more like one hundred. Utilizing a commercial printer takes one more thing out of your hands. Often times, when printing internally, things may go wrong - paper jams, low ink levels, machine out of calibration.... Let that be the professional's concern, not yours.  This is what they do! Not only will your mind and hands be free to tackle the things you really need to do, the product outcome will most likely be of a higher quality and completed faster!

Better Results

When you go to a professional, you’ll get a result that looks professional. It’s really that simple. If you lack the experience, equipment, time, or skill set to handle a commercial printing job, you should definitely let the experts handle it. It’s better to get the job done right the first time than try to do it yourself and end up with a result that wasn’t what you wanted. Use a professional, to make a professional impression!

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The Power of Paper

The Power of Paper